Create Unique And Clean Content:

To create a clean and unique content meaning that whenever we started to make a blog then we have to concentrate on the content of the site which content we are making, Is It knowledgeable. or without any sense, content is 100% original don't copy from other sites many people do this mistake but this mistake should not be done. Adsense Need Pure And Original Content. So it would help you to get easy Adsense approved.

Find Unique and Responsive Theme:

Firstly Every time you find something new.which means that try to find a better, clean theme which should be the best and simple ads serving theme there would many themes you can find from totally free google. also, AdSense responsive means that there should be having space to fit the AdSense ads as per the location of post.and you can buy the responsive theme in which you got the license of that particular theme.

Create Privacy Policy, Disclaimer,  About Us, Contact us:

Secondly, Create a privacy policy and disclaimer pages in your site where google has the issue if you don't make pages. Because Adsense will also find your Contact Us And Privacy Policy Pages Where User Can contact you and accept your approval make sure these pages should be visible on top Nav-bar where Adsense can easily find your pages about your security what data your site collects everything should be written. And then also all information about the site owner must be in about us page.

Write Content Of any Post Under 500 to 1000 Words:

The third part understands it carefully, it will help you to write a post in manner. How you can attract your site visitor. And then let me explain to you that Now, first of all, write your post title under 40 to 50 words where google can easily rank those if it is long then you may face some obstacles. which can demotivate your blogging career so that don't take tension firstly, give the heading and then left some space for paragraph, secondly give subheading and then also give some space or left space for paragraph and create your image for showing post-thumbnail, hey your ready to publish your post and the written all thing should be unique. written in 1000 to 1500 words.

Don't Copy The Image From Other Websites:

Always keep it your mind never copy images from another site. It is your loss because whenever you copy the image there would also have a link image conducted from another site. Because it will give the problem when you apply for Adsense. If we copy an image from another site google bots can detect it easily and refuse to approve our Adsense to safe from it that is better that we shouldn't copy an image from any of site. If You want to copy images from another site then download the images and then upload to your server to make sure there should not be a watermark of another site on photos

Your website should contain organic traffic:

Now to ensure or flash on the main thing that, we called it our website should contain organic traffic from google search engine or another search engine. which helps you to grow your site ranking and don't use third-party things like the auto-refresh page, it will give you the page views but not the main traffic that google want from our site. so It will be better that we rank our site then the traffic of our site automatically will increase. You can also advertise your site on google ads it is the best way to go for ranking and traffic people will know more about your site so they will search on the web and then they could get more information.


Backlinks, So before talking about Backlinks First we need to know about the backlinks that, What is a backlink? Why people use backlinks? Which Backlinks are good for our site. First of all, always try to buy backlinks for your site category and then apply to approve AdSense.  Here you have to concentrate on one thing that might help you to make the site better. Always try to find quality not the quantity. For Best Backlink search on google Website directory 2020 then There would many sites find the site which Having a good ranking on google and then submits your site on other website submit directory


we talked about many things related to site managing and cleaning but the best and introduce your site to people that the people should follow your site. and that thing is Your site must be responsive then you will be able to give the quality to your site viewers who watching your site on mobile. which will affect your customers' good and better viewing angle of your site. and all the menus and the sub-menus of the site should settle in a proper manner.

Your website should be an SSL certificate:

In viewing google's main thing I will recommend that your site must be an SSL secured site. Because of the Ranking of the site which is the most important thing that we commonly missed So don't forget to make the site an SSL secured site. If you will use blogger to create a site then google will provide you free SSL. which is better than pay to others For SSL In other, You can buy Small Package for SSL. If you want SSL Free then it will better to make site on blogger if you are a beginner

Paste Google Adsense Code in Website:

To paste google Adsense approve Java/HTML code Paste Your Code When the <Head> Or Before Ending </Head> In your site code editing tab. Make sure that If you are using a blogger then copy code and paste But If You Are Using Like Platform Wordpress Go to code editing tab then Select Head.php Then Paste Code Top of the Or find <head> then paste it.

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