In this post, we are going to point out you ways to rank on Google on the primary page even though your site is new if you kind in bora-bora sharks into Google straight away and click on google search you may see that my we tend to site travel croc calm is that the darling result on Google and this website includes a terribly weak domain while not backlinks and that I'm still managing to rank on page one.

I'm getting to show you specifically how I did it and the way you'll be able to do the same for your content moreover if we analyze the search term during a giraffe'sbora-bora sharks you will see that my website is the featured piece Travelcroc and my domain rank is simply 2 you can see that up here and with on domain I'm managing to excel some insanely robust websites love Trip adviser with a site rank of ninety-three smarter travel with the most rank of 80another Trip adviser the New island version of it with domain rank eighty-five and other websites such as employees dot sequence and zette with domain rank eighty-eight I'mbeating all of those websites and I'm ranking at the quantity one position andI'm gonna show you exactly how hi everybody.

my name is Sharrie on this web site I publish regular posts wherever I show you how to induce free traffic and how to rank your site on page one in all Google click subscribe just under this post]up so far so can your site extremely outrank massive websites establish websites with heaps deal} of cash and a lot of authority this can be one of the commonest queries that I purchase asked on this channel so, I wanted to record this video to show you that it's fully attainable for you to rank your site on page one of Google so I've already given you one example where my website travel Cronk outranks a lot of alternative very powerful websites such as TripAdvisor let's inspect another example and that's the keyword Bora Borafacts I've really just started writing it in here so you can see that it's areally ofttimes searched term that's recognized by Google Bora Bora facts.

I click that you just can see that my website is ranking at the number three position for this keyword Barbara facts and I actually outrank even Wikipedia for this keyword does one guy also want to Wikipedia for a few of your target searches if you think that this is pretty cool and you'd wish to do this then drop me a comment below and let me recognize that you'd like to do that as well the first factor that you got to do if you would like to rank on Google first page is to create certain that you select the keywords with the right problem let's use the travel niche

 this video one of the ways to search out great keywords for a diary within the travel niche to type in names of various countries into ATF's and once you bring up the results within keyword adventurer for that country choose the choice on the left having same terms that are going to mention all of the keywords in their information that have gotten the word country in them you can see we've got 16,000 208 keywords and a great deal of them have gotten pretty high keyword problem if your web site is spanking new or still within the early stages then you may want to make certain that you just select the most keyword difficulty and apply filter with a maximum price of five so click apply to check what reasonably results in it filters now our keywords are hamper to 371.

but all of the keywords that we tend to return are very simple to rank for and plenty of of them are excellent candidates for your diary this can be an example for the travel niche however you'll be able to fully apply the identical technique to the other niche that has a problem your blog is in afterward you will get to apply your judgment to see which keywords hold high value for you or lower value for you as an example survivor country most likely isn't getting to be appropriate for a travel blog time in Vanuatu won't be suitable for a travel blog however keywords love champagne Beach Vanuatu Vanuatu volcano particularly fishing in Vanuatu would possibly really be glorious highs for articles for a travel blog step number 2that I ordinarily liquidate my keyword analysis method

 once I want to rank on page one of Google is to seem for weak domains in the top ten domains on the first page of results the thanks to doing that would be if we would like to consider further and analyze this keyword champagne Beach Vanuatu would be to open this surf choice so we get this drop of results and then look detail on page {one of|one among|one during all|one amongst|one in every of} computer program result pages these are all of the results that are presented in Google turning out on page one and what I'm looking for is that this value an R which stands for a Travis rank and ideally we want to see as many websites here with high values of areas attainable so and our rank of for example seventeen tells us that this is a really robust website and probably may well be a little bit laborious for us to contend with so

Wikipedia you can seehas got IR of 17 however what we want to see is websites like this targeted or travelthat possesses an area unit rank of eight million 600 or eight purpose six million which meansthat in the overall legal era of internet sites on the net it's towards rock bottom that the strongest website is darling in the weakest is at the verybottom ideally I'd wish to see a minimum of two or 3 websites that have a rankof over 1 million as a result of that then tells me that there are other weakwebsites that are managing to rank on page oneso my website will have hope of ranking so for this specific keywordchampagne beech Vanuatu we are able to see that there are three weak websites that aremanaging to rank on page one so this is an enormous teak and a really sensible signthe next factor that I do is I check the length of content of those competingpages this is a manual job but it doesn't take too long so you can open everyof these in a new tab and then calculate the quantity of words on this page so you can select all of the text like this and either copy and paste it into Microsoft

Word which can provide you with the word count otherwise you can use an extension such as wordcounter and this one has told me that there are 100 and 4 words on here so then i'll copy and paste this uniform resource locator into a brand new pad of paper document and I'll place down hundred and four and Iwill repeat this with each of the results so then i'll open up myfavorite escapes and do the same thing this text on my favorite escapes calmis a touch bit longer so once I count these words it's got 1576 I'll add that into the mammoth and in precisely a few of minutes you can find yourself with an inventory that's wanting like this so this is telling usthat most of the pages that are currently ranking on page one actuallyhave very short content so the longest one is my favorite escapes they've got1576 words however all other articles are extremely short and also when welook at the Wikipedia that's ranking number one they essentially have got noinformation on champagne Beach in Vanuatu they've just about got seventy one wordsso this implies that no-one has actually written a correct orientate champagne Beach in Vanuatu to date and this keyword is obtaining 1,100 searches per month that is pretty crazy no one's taken advantage of this chance

why Google loves long-form content Google loves content that's in-depth authoritative content that isthe actual reason why this super-weak web site my favorite escapes comthey've written an honest orientate champagne Beach country and appearance at the websites that they're out ranking they're out graded in Vanuatu travel which could be a terribly robust website domain throughout fifty seven they are out ranking daily posts they're out ranking and they're out ranking flight network only as a result of if we glance at the word count we are able to see that they've they'rethe solely website that has actually written a correct long-form content so rankings on page one in all Google they don't depend upon the a our age rafts rankor on D our domain rank of a web site that's a region of the consideration however one of the most factors that Google needs is that they want to point out superhigh quality in-depth content which is that the actual reason why my favorite escapes com are there at position variety 5 out ranking all of those massive websites that is conjointly the explanation why I excel all alternative websites for such keyword terms as bora-bora facts wherever I'm out ranking Wikipedia I'm outranking travel team and varied other sites

because I actually have written a proper length from the article with a great deal of media and it's an in-depth content whereas the Wikipedia article that by the approach I'mout ranking I'm graded higher than Wikipedia for bora-bora facts they really have very very little content if you inspect it there's not a lot of knowledge here my article is longer it's a lot of in-depth and this can be why Google like better to show my content rather than Wikipedia's content that the take away here for you is to make sure that you don't just concentrate on domain rank, however, look at the lengths of the underlying content following thing that you'll want to seem at if you would like to rank on the primary page of Google is the intent of the search let's say you are an analyzing the keyword combination by genes and you've referred to all of the terms that embody that combination and you may encounter one thing like where to shop for bottomed jeans by the way

I have no plan what the bell-bottom jeans are but anyway it would look like an honest keyword because it's got a decent search volume it also appears to own an emptor intent which you might assume is a good thing and it's got keyword troublesome of only for and after we look at the first page of results for this keyword we can see that every single result that comes up is truly a store or a store where individuals can actually buy those jeans those bell-bottom jeans there aren't any diaries on page one at all and that is because Google is aware of that the one that is coming into that into Google they actually want to buy jeans they're not searching for blog or information on bell-bottom jeans they're